Groupon #43: how I became a Lord and you can too

It was time to put myself out there again. I was single and ready to mingle. So I signed up to an online dating site. But I wanted an edge. I needed to find a way to stand out from the other guys. I needed as a USP. An X factor. So I became a lord. Not many men could compete with that, surely? As a bona fide Lord of the Realm I consequently received the Deeds of Entitlement to the magnificent Dunans Castle in the Scottish Highlands.


I was suddenly on the property ladder! And now that I was a lord I was legally entitled to use my new peerage in whatever ways I saw fit. In fact, I rang up Santander and got them to change the name on my bills to Lord Dickins.

Lord Max

Alright, I bought my Lordship on Groupon for 12 quid. But the women on didn’t need to know that did they? I WAS A LORD! And I would insist they called me that throughout the date.match

I actually got a date as Lord Max Dickins, and it was a disaster. Here’s a clue: dateawkward
You can read all about it in the book! But it NOW here.